FL State Representative Nick Duran, Executive Director, FL Association of Free and Charitable Clinics:

Saumya was an incredible asset as we built a team on the ground. As a thought partner, he helped to narrow our program’s focus and turn in the most successful federal state enrollment effort in Year 1 of the exchange. As a manager, he taught me the importance of data and analytics, and used those tools, coupled with effective leadership, to build effective systems of accountability and to help inform and influence our program from day one. My trust in those tactics, as applied by Saumya, led me to my successful run for Florida State Legislature.


Rob Knake, Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations & Former Director, Cybersecurity Policy, NSC, The White House:

Saumya is an exceptional strategic thinker with a mind for detail. No task is too small, nor any concept too big for him to tackle. I count Saumya among a handful of trusted advisors for my own projects, and have faith in him to execute seamlessly because he has proven he can do so in the past. Working with him is a pleasure; he is a talented visionary with integrity that can take a project from concept to reality efficiently.

Anne Filipic, President, Enroll America:

One of Saumya’s greatest strengths is his ability to create a culture of mutual respect, loyalty and trust with his staff. He has experience and talent in building relationships that last, and many of his employees have learned those skills as he led and mentored them. I relied on his knowledge to inform decisions spanning from organizational development to program implementation. He envisioned and built a successful field program through smart, strategic planning, and flexible problem-solving. Those skills allowed Saumya to react deftly to real challenges – and he confronted them head-on, even-keeled and with a positive attitude and a sense of a humor.

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